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Use our Bulk SMS marketing tool with GSM MODEM. Send any number of SMS using GSM modem / phone connected to your computer either by USB or blue-tooth. This software can send up to 3600 sms/hour. No internet connection required. Very easy to use. Useful for any purpose and SMS marketing. Send unlimited Invitations, Season greetings, customer follow up, payment reminders etc. Fabulous speed of up to 3600 sms / hour... and if you have faster computer and faster GSM modem then speed can be tuned for up to 5000 SMS / hour. Very user friendly application.Sending Bulk SMS in English as well as applications that require to sending Bulk SMS in local languages (Unicode). Bulk SMS Application is a easy-to-use on Windows XP/7/2000/2003.The list of mobile numbers can be either manually entered or imported from an Excel worksheet.